Who we are




With more than 20 years of experience in strategic business consulting and more than 15 years in Serbia, Biagio can offer a wide approach to the business needs and find the most suitable solutions 


Biagio Carrano, director

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Iva Nikolic, senior consultant


Master of project management and Professor of Italian Language and Literature.

Business consultant with more then ten years of experience in the field of company internationalization, business administration and project implementation. Problem solver with excellent skills for jobs that require interpersonal communication or mediation, translation, project coordination and organization. An individual with versatile interests such as languages, baking and art.

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Young postgraduate with the master diploma in Strategic Management for Global Business from the Cattolica University of Milan. 

Formal education in the field of political sciences, business development, market research and finances as well as previous experience in projects done for the leading international companies have shaped interests for the job of a consultant. Passion for the Italian culture and language from the early age were the turning points for learning Italian language. 

She enjoys writing, travelling, reading and photography.

Marija Maric, junior consultant

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Snezana Rakic,
senior content curator

Snezana Rakic is a qualified translator/interpreter with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Surrey, UK. She can claim very diverse experience which includes working as a client service director at a press clipping agency, an assistant general manager at a regional economic research facility, an external trade manager at a pharmaceutical wholesale company and now a translator and senior content curator for Serbian Monitor

A curious, creative and reliable professional with an allegedly good sense of humour. Last but not least, she is the mother of a rambunctious 10-year-old boy, love reading, choir singing and watching documentaries.