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Most Flexible & Complete Theme

Custom Building Blocks

Tons of amazing custom builder blocks developed specifically for the Total theme makes it easier then ever to create complex and awesome layouts.

Rocket Speed Code

Don’t get stuck with a poorly coded theme that takes forever to load. Total has been coded clean and efficiently to ensure fast loading times.

Happy Customers

According to a recent study it has been shown that on average customers of the Total WordPress theme live happier lives then those who do not own it.

Latest from the Blog

Gennaio 18, 2022

Who will implement the knowledge economy in Serbia?

The embassies of Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany stand almost opposite each other on Belgrade’s Kneza Milosa Boulevard. Almost every day, dozens of young Serbian men and women are waiting in front of their entrances to obtain work…

Dicembre 4, 2021

Serbia heading towards a new development model?

Anyone arriving in Belgrade these days can see new buildings everywhere and senses an air of economic boom: more and…

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